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Disclaimer:  Daydream Drinks Inc. and the parties in charge of the website (“the Company”) will do their best to guarantee that all the information we provide on this site is correct. However, on some occasions, there may be discrepancies between the product packaging, and what is shown on the website because the product is currently in the pre-launch phase. We recommend that you don’t only rely on the information presented, including information on the possible health benefits of the Daydream blend of Adaptogens. We suggest you contact your healthcare professionals before substituting this site and product information for any medical related advice. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating any form of health problem, injury or disease, and we make no claims that Daydream can help with any health-related issues.

We hope the acceptance of terms of use and amendments is clear. When visiting this site you agree to be bound by our terms of use, with or without notice to you. The nature of the website is that the company reserves the right to modify or remove any data, either temporarily or permanently, and will not be held responsible for any information accuracy or delivery of information.

Orders:All individual sku increases to any MOQ or bundle must be in a minimum of 2 case incrementsPricing: All prices are listed in CAD dollars, all prices are subject to change without notice

Pricing Policy 
Customers may not use the Daydream name or products to advertise or otherwise promote Daydream at a net price that is lower than our set minimum advertised price. Any outside occasion which requires lower prices, such as a promotional event or sale, will involve written confirmation from Daydream. Additionally, if the price is changed without notice for any period of time, we may seize shipping orders to the vendor.

Suggested Retail price – a minimum of $4.99/ per can, to $5.50 / per can

Listings – Once you receive confirmation of your order from the wholesale portal we will also reach out to you with our brand guidelines. This will include a product description & copy.

Images – You may request the use of our branded images found on our website or social media pages, however, Daydream does not grant you exclusive rights over this property which is solely owned by Daydream. We have the right to discontinue your right to use our imagery & trademarks at our sole discretion.

Shipping & Delivery – All orders will be shipped within 5 business days from the order processing date. We try our hardest to make sure orders arrive as early as possible.

FOB – Destination

Cancellation – We reserve any rights to cancel or not deliver the product, due to any external conflicts we may have, a brand image conflict, or your failure to pay an outstanding invoice.

Payment terms – Payment terms are outlined on the wholesale portal. Credit card payments will be processed through Chef Hero (portal) at the time of payment, or an option for EFT or EMT can be selected (and is preferred).

Damage claims – All shipments must be inspected at delivery, and if cans are damaged on landing images must be taken and sent to Daydream immediately for a chance at refund.

Refunds – If the damage is irreparable to a part of the shipped goods Daydream may authorize a return, and will discuss return shipping costs.

Website: drinkdaydream.com